Colfax Pet Rescue 
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Thank you for visiting COLFAXPETRESCUE.COM.  Over the past 2 years, we have had the honor of rescueing and finding homes for 353 dogs.  We have played a major part in making Colfax County a better place for dogs, and helped many citizens become more educated on proper pet care.  Unfortunately, we have lost the property that our rescue sits, on as well as the private funding that enabled us to do the work we hold so closely to our hearts.  The result of this tragedy is that we will no longer be able to help the dogs of northeastern New Mexico.  The doors to the rescue we loved so much are now closed, and our staff has been forced to move off of the property.   Thank you to everyone who supported us in our mission of "Defending Dogs in Need"...we are eternally grateful!  If you have come to our website looking for adoptable dogs, please continue your search for your new family member on and visit the many other shelters showcasing the MANY dogs that are looking for thier forever home today.  THANK YOU for your interest in saving a life!!!!                for the LOVE of DOG
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